Title Year Type, workpackage Description
Description 2022 2022 Other publication, General

Description of the Pilis Experiment, 2022 April.

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Horváth and Kovács 2023 2023 Scientific paper, Microclimate

Horváth, Cs.H.*, Kovács, B.*, Tinya, F., Locatelli, J.S., Csaba Németh, Cs., Crecco, L., Illés, G., Csépányi, P., Ódor, P. 2023. A matter of size and shape: Microclimatic changes induced by experimental gap openings in a sessile oak–hornbeam forest. Science of the Total Environment 873: 162302. *: equal contribution,

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Samu et al. 2023. 2023 Scientific paper, Spiders

Samu, F., Elek, Z., Ruzickova, J., Botos, E., Kovács, B., Ódor, P. 2023. Can gap-cutting help to preserve forest spider communities? Diversity 15: 240. 

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Elek et al. 2022. Ecological Applications 2022 Scientific paper, Ground beetles

Elek, Z., Ruzickova, J., Ódor, P. 2022. Functional plasticity of carabids can presume better the changes in community composition than taxon-based descriptors. Ecological Applications 32(1): e02460.

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Elek et al. 2021. Biologia 2021 Scientific paper, Ground beetles

Elek, Z., Ruzickova, J., Ódor, P. 2021. Individual decisions drive the changes in movement patterns of ground beetles between forestry management types. Biologia 76: 3287-3296.

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Ruzickova 2021. Acta Zool. 2021 Scientific paper, Ground beetles

Růžičková, J., Bérces, S., Ackov, S., Elek, Z. 2021. Individual movement of large carabids as a link for activity density patterns in various forestry treatments. Acta Zoologica Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricae 67(1): 77-86.

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Samu et al. 2021. Scientific Reports 2021 Scientific paper, Spiders

Samu, F., Elek, Z., Kovács, B., Fülöp, D., Botos, E., Schmera, D., Aszalós, R., Bidló, A., Németh, Cs., Sass, V., Tinya, F., Ódor, P. 2021. Resilience of spider communities affected by a range of silvicultural treatments in a temperate deciduous forest stand. Scientific Reports 11: 20520.

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Kovács, B. 2020. Ecological Applications 2020 Scientific paper, Microclimate

Kovács, B., Tinya, F., Németh, Cs., Ódor, P. 2019. Unfolding the effects of different forestry treatments on microclimate: results of a 4-year experiment. Ecological Applications 30(2): e02043.

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Tinya 2020. Forest Ecology and Management 2020 Scientific paper, Regeneration

Tinya, F., Kovács, B., Aszalós, R., Tóth, B., Csépányi, P., Németh, Cs., Ódor, P. 2020. Initial regeneration success of tree species after different forestry treatments in a sessile oak-hornbeam forest. Forest Ecology and Management 459: 117810.

Tinya et al 20 Initial regeneration response.pdf1.52 MB
Boros et al. 2019. Applied Soil Ecology 2019 Scientific paper, Enchytraeid worms

Boros, G., Kovács, B., Ódor, P. 2018. Boros, G., Kovács, B., Ódor, P. 2019. Green tree retention enhances negative short-term effects of clear-cutting on enchytraeid assemblages in a temperate forest. Applied Soil Ecology 136:106-115.

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Tinya et al. 2019. European Journal of forest Research. 2019 Scientific paper, Vegetation

Tinya, F., Kovács, B., Prättälä, A., Farkas, P., Aszalós, R., Ódor, P.
2018. Initial understory response to experimental silvicultural
treatments in a temperate oak-dominated forest. European Journal of
Forest Research 138: 65-77.

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Elek et al. 2018. Scientific Reports 2018 Scientific paper, General, Vegetation, Ground beetles, Spiders, Enchytraeid worms

Elek, Z., Kovács, B., Aszalós, R., Boros, G., Samu, F., Tinya, F., Ódor, P., 2018. Taxon-specific responses to different forestry treatments in a temperate forest. Scientific Reports 8, 16990.

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Kovacs et al. 2018. Forests 9: 406. 2018 Scientific paper, Microclimate, Soil

Kovács, B., Tinya, F., Guba, E., Németh, Cs., Sass, V., Bidló, A., Ódor, P. 2018. The short-term effects of experimental forestry treatments on site conditions in an oak–hornbeam forest. Forests 2018, 9: 406. IF (2017): 1.956. doi:10.3390/f9070406;

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Gitau 2023. MSc Thesis 2023 Manuscript, Regeneration

Gitau, M. G. 2023. Regeneration success of sessile oak under different gap cuttings in an oak-hornbeam forest. MSc Thesis, Eötvös Loránd University, Faculty of Science, Center for Environmental Science, Budapest, 52 pp.

Margaret Gitau Thesis.pdf2.62 MB
Ódor 2022. ECCB Poster 2022 Conference presentation, General

Ódor, P., Aszalós, R., Boros, G., Elek, Z., Geml, J., Horváth, Cs.V., Kovács, B., Németh, Cs., Samu, F., Soltész, Z., Tinya, F. 2022. The effect of different forestry treatments on multi-taxon biodiversity in a sessile oak–hornbeam forests: Pilis Forestry System Experiment. Poster. 6th European Congress of conservation Biology. 22-26. 08. 2022. Prague.

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